10,000 Deaths In US Traffic Caused By Seat Belts

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The government reports are out and it allows us to confirm that US traffic accidents are on an incline. The increment is by a margin of 5.6% and this is really huge for a figure that involves traffic-related deaths.

Speaking of deaths, it was mentioned that more than 10,000 traffic deaths in the US for the past year is caused by the commuters not wearing seat belts. This is something which really made us cringe as we don’t see how hard it is to wear seat belts.

It also disgusts us when we saw some college campaign moving against seat belts because they are against getting told what to do. Seat belts are proven fatality prevention in traffic crashes and its ease of use shouldn’t be an excuse to not wear seat belts.

As such, let this be a reminder on the importance of seat belts as well as other safety features on cars.