1,230 Hyundai Kona Disrupted In Homeland Protest

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Hyundai has gone a long way from being a ‘third-world carmaker’ into a massive volume global brand hence it is completely understandable why the company is reacting swiftly to an ongoing sales slump here in the US.

For Hyundai, the best solution is for them to tap on the trendy crossover market and their trump card is the upcoming Kona. This upcoming vehicle has already attracted a lot of attention from the average consumers in the US and it is going to make its debut at the LA Auto Show tomorrow.

The unfortunate thing here is that Hyundai’s quest for recovery has been made more difficult after a protest occurred in the homeland, South Korea.

The labour union that has been servicing Hyundai at their local plant are fearful for their jobs as the move to offer the Kona in the US may lead to a massive lay-off. The protest lasted for 2 straight days thus disrupting the production of about 1,230 Konas.

Hyundai’s management is now in tussle with the union labour and they are greatly hoping for a quick resolution to the matter. If the protest is to stretch on, it can bring a lot of negativity to Hyundai.