2006 Ford GT Caught Driving On Its Own!

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Autonomous technology is very new in the automotive industry and there is no perfect system just yet. So when we saw an old 2006 Ford GT driving flawlessly on the roads without any driver, we can’t help but to share it with you.

But before you get more excited about it, we have to apologize and share that no autonomous technology was created for this old GT to run on its own. Instead, the car was self-driven due to it being owned by John Cena.

The ever popular wrestler from WWE was showing off his 2006 Ford GT for AutoGeek and knowing that he has this popular catchphrase “you can’t see me”, we just can’t help but to not see him sitting behind the wheel of the Ford GT.

If you are able to get pass the catchphrase, then you will get to see John Cena doing superbly well in reviewing his 2006 Ford GT. Now who would have thought that Cena is car guy, let alone having the ability to operate manual?