2015 Ford F-150: Aluminium Is Fine, Safety Belts Aren’t

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The latest Ford F-150 is currently the sales leader in the large pickup truck segment here in the US. Apparently, many really like the aluminium framework on the F-150 due to its lightweight characteristics which makes the pickup truck better optimized for power and fuel economy.

Despite so much goodness to offer, the F-150 is not the complete package as it has one safety flaw. An investigation by Ford discovered that the pretensioner cables on the seatbelt assembly may not have been properly secured and this can leave the occupant more exposed to serious injuries in the event of crash.

Ford has hence announced a recall program for the F-150 which involves a total of 2,590 units here in the US. Also, it is worth nothing that the F-150 affected are the SuperCrew models which were produced from January 22 to March 2017.