2016 Chevrolet Camaro Can Top Sales But Only Locally?

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Chevrolet has already released the sixth generation Camaro and the car has been selling impressively well ever since. While Chevrolet has yet to release the sales figures for the Camaro so far, we can expect the car to top the sales charts come January.

The problem here is that such a reception can’t be replicated on the global stage. This is partly because of the fact that majority of the countries worldwide has a different vehicle taxing system. The tax depends on the engine capacity of the vehicle and this means that the Camaro is really expensive to own.

The major reason is, of course, because Chevrolet does not produce the Camaro for countries that adopts the right-hand drive system. This means that the Camaro can’t go on sale in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Japan and several other countries. Such a limitation on its production will certainly have an undesirable impact in the global sales figures.