2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax: Explosive Demand Leaves Tacoma Trembling

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The mid-sized pickup truck segment here in the US is currently being dominated by latest Toyota Tacoma. Chevrolet saw this coming and they retaliated by launching the all-new Colorado Duramax.

The diesel-powered Colorado is built to offer better durability and also superb fuel economy. The pickup truck runs on the 2.8L Duramax 4-cylinder engine that is packed with 181hp and 369ft-lbs of torque. The best part is that the Colorado is able to return up to 31mpg in fuel economy.

This is pretty impressive and many consumers are attracted by it. Chevrolet revealed earlier today that they are having difficulties in keeping up with the demand for the Colorado Duramax.

At this rate, the Colorado can surpass the Toyota Tacoma in sales and return to the top spot as America’s bestselling mid-sized pickup truck. This is unless Toyota has got a backup plan to fight back.