2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Ceased From Sales!

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It was very recently ago when Ferrari announced a recall on the California T due to a fire hazard with the vehicle. Today, Ferrari surprised us when they announced on a stop-sale order for the 2016 488 GTB.

Ferrari explained that they found the 488 GTB to be suffering from the same fire hazard issue that is affecting the California T. In case you are unaware, the latter’s pressure fuel line is faulty and could leak. If the leaked fuel is to interact with a hot surface, it can set the car on fire.

Apparently, the same issue is affecting the Ferrari 488 GTB. On the bright side of things, the 488 GTB is still very new and it has yet to reach customers. Hence, Ferrari has decided to on a pause for the vehicle’s sales.

So, if you happen to be out in the market hunting for a new 488 GTB, you need to put your mission on hold. This is unless you literally want to set the road on fire.