2016 Ford Focus RS: When Soccer Mom Goes Wild (Video)

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When Ford says that the all-new Focus RS is very easy to drift, the carmaker actually meant every word. The Focus RS comes with a button called Drift Mode and when activated, it will return a nice drift.

The system is fully automated hence one is not required to have any drifting skill in order to drift on the Focus RS. It got many labelling the sports hatch as ‘a car which even your mom can drift’.

At first the label sounded like a joke but things got serious when Carfection decided to find out if a real mom can really drift on the Focus RS. After a short tutorial on how the system works, the mom was placed on the track as she attempts to drift the Focus RS.

It took a couple of tries but not an entire day before she can really pull out some awesome drifts around the bends with the Focus RS. Or the full details, you can check out the clip of the mom in action below. It’s hilarious.