2016 Ford Mustang Is King In Sales!

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Some would say that the latest Ford Mustang is not as good as the Chevrolet Camaro but that does not mean the car won’t sell well. As a matter of fact, the Mustang has got the advantage in sales and this is proven with the superb sales figures across the globe.

Earlier today, Ford revealed that they have sold every unit of the Mustang in Australia and they are planning to ship more units there. The Mustang has got the upperhand in sales due to it being offered in right-hand drive countries.

Unlike the latest Camaro, the Mustang is being shipped and distributed worldwide and this includes South Africa, the UK, Japan, Australia, India and several other countries.

It is a strong advantage for the Mustang in accumulating global sales since Chevrolet is not able to tailor the Camaro for right-hand drive countries.