2016 Honda Civic Annoys Owners As It Can’t Handle Loud Volume

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The latest Honda Civic might be a highly advanced car to own but it has one problem. Apparently, the Civic can’t play music in loud volume. Doing so will result in an annoying rattle that does have nothing to do with the base sound. The rattle even occur when volume is at level 15.

An owner of the Civic investigated on his own and his theory is that the speakers constantly bang into the central rear brake lights. The problem got worse when the Civic owner reported that Honda is unable to fix the issue and they have refused to look into the matter further.

Today, we learned that it is not just one Civic that is affected by the rattling noise. Most Civic owners on a fan-made forum have reported on suffering from the same issue. For more details on the problem, you can check out the video below.

This is disappointing from Honda, especially when they don’t address the rattling problem. If the Civic can’t play music from volume 15 and above, then Honda should not have offered a volume control in the first place. Do something about it Honda!