2016 Honda Civic Means Fit Needs A Big Update

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Honda is currently enjoying great success with the latest, tenth generation Civic. Many have realized that the Civic is the best bang for the buck car at the moment as it offers the best balance in power and fuel economy for its price.

The Civic might cost $3000 more than the Fit but the price is covered in the long run with the extra features and latest technologies on-board. On top of that, the Civic runs on the all-new 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that can generate 174hp and 162ft-lbs of torque.

This basically means that the Civic is faster than the last Civic Si. The more amazing part is that the Civic can return up to 42mpg in fuel economy. This is so much more than what the Fit can offer. It is surprising because on a normal day, a compact hatchback always has the best economy ratings around.

The bottom line is that the Fit needs an update to become attractive again. It needs to surpass the Civic’s fuel economy standards while staying on par with the car’s technology. Wouldn’t you agree?