2016 Honda Civic: Perfect Year Derailed By Broken Lights

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2016 can be said as the year of the Honda Civic and this is because of a wide number of reasons. Among them is because the Civic has created a new annual sales record when it accumulated more models sold in a single calendar year than any other vehicles in history here in the US.

But as good as the Civic is, the car is not exactly perfect and it is now being plagued by a lighting issue that has disrupted its momentum a little.

Honda announced that the Civic Coupe may have been equipped with an LED side marker light circuit board that was damaged during shipment from the supplier. This will deem the taillights unusable or non-compliant with federal safety standards due to low visibility in traffic.

Thankfully, no known crashes have been caused by the failing taillights on the Civic Coupe but Honda is not taking any chances. They have announced a recall that involves about 11,846 examples here in the US.

If you are among them, you must have received the recall notification today. You are advised to send your Civic Coupe for inspection at a dealer near you as soon as possible.