2016 Honda Civic Shows No Mercy To Chevy Cruze

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Earlier this year, Chevrolet launched the all-new Cruze but the car didn’t manage to make an impactful debut. Even today, the Cruze is struggling to keep up with the segment leaders – namely the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

The past two months proved to be the best opportunity for the Cruze to narrow the gap in the sales charts but the car bottled its chances. Both the Honda Civic and runner-up Toyota Corolla experienced a dip in sales but they are still able to retain a strong position on the sales table.

Honda, in particular, only managed to sell 26,359 units of the Civic in October last month and this is a huge drop from September. Even so, it is still able to sell more than the Cruze.

It goes to say that no matter how bad the Civic is on the sales front, it is still the better car when compared to the all-new Cruze. The latter is just unable to match the Civic’s offering despite it being marginally better than the previous generation model.