2016 Honda Civic vs Civic Si: Old Si Is The New Standard?

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It is easy to forget about the past Honda Civic Si and this is thanks to the all-new tenth generation Civic. The latest generation model came out last year and the vehicle stands at a level that is near, if not, equal to that of the old Civic Si.

In case you are unaware, the new Civic relies on a turbocharged 4-cylinder 1.5L engine that can develop 174hp and 162ft-lbs of torque. On the figures, the new Civic is only a little behind the Civic Si but it has more torque to offer.On top of it all, the Civic can return up to 42mpg in fuel economy – something which the Civic Si can never offer.

Since the new Civic is on equal power terms with the last Si, it is only right to say that the old Civic Si is now the new standard for the latest generation Civic. It makes the wait for the next-gen Civic Si all the more exciting as we are curious to find out what the car can offer.

At this rate, the next-gen Civic Si is probably targeting 250hp and above hence placing it in the same league as the Subaru WRX. Will it happen though?