2016 Honda Civic vs Civic Si: The Progressive Performance Benchmark

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The Honda Civic has never ceased to amaze the automotive industry. About 5 years ago, Honda launched the Civic Si and the car was received positively by the public as it is capable of offering tons of power while being affordable at the same time.

Late last year, Honda released the tenth-generation Civic and the vehicle was able to match the Civic Si’s power figures all while being it its standard trim. This is pretty amazing and one that left the consumers in disbelief.

The new Civic is equipped with a 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that can develop 174hp and 162ft-lbs of torque. The new Civic is about 10hp behind the Civic Si but it has way more torque to offer. The best part about it is that the new Civic can return up to 42mpg in fuel economy, something which the Civic Si can never managed to offer.

The stats made it safe to say that the latest Civic Si has progressed to become the new standard Civic. Because of this, we are now more excited to see what the next-gen Civic Si will have to offer.