2016 Honda Civic vs Corolla: Why We Side With Toyota

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The Honda Civic is described as a revolutionary sedan for the compact car segment as it came out with so much power to offer and the best fuel economy figures. On papers, the Civic is better than the competition but we still think that the Corolla is better. Here’s why.

The Toyota Corolla LE ECO trim retails from $19,135 and it is about $3000 cheaper than the Civic EX-T trim. The Corolla runs on a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine that is paired to a CVT gearbox. This allows the Corolla to generate about 140hp and 126ft-lbs of torque.

Sure, this might be 34hp and 36ft-lbs behind the Civic but the Corolla is still able to offer a pleasurable performance for daily driving. The engine on the Corolla is naturally aspirated hence we can save more on servicing the car.

Toyota never wanted the Corolla to be fast. They want the Corolla to be reliable, durable and affordable at the same time. The Civic can take all the glory for being fast but the build quality of the vehicle is not as good as the Corolla. This is the main reason why the Corolla is our pick.