2016 Honda CR-V: Shrinking Sales Allows Toyota RAV4 & Ford Escape To Leap Forward

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Honda revealed earlier today that things are not going so well for the latest CR-V. The compact SUV recorded a dip in sales for the month of March last month and this saw the vehicle going down the compact SUV sales charts.

In detail, the CR-V recorded its third consecutive month of negative growth after figures fell by 3.2%. Meanwhile, rival SUVs are picking up in sales. The Toyota RAV4 currently holds top spot with 76,122 units sold so far. As for the latest Ford Escape, it climbed to second spot with 71,594 units sold in its bag.

Honda should realize by now that the CR-V needs a mild update to make it attractive again. Or maybe, Honda should offer a big upgrade like how they did with the tenth-generation Civic. That will certainly boost the CR-V sales by a huge margin. Wouldn’t you agree?