2016 Nissan Leaf: Range-Extender Won’t Be Enough!

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After seeing how the Nissan Leaf was named as the worst car when it comes to resale value, we are expecting Nissan to pull off something special with the 2016 year model but unfortunately, we were wrong.

Nissan revealed that the all-new Leaf will have a longer driving range. Previously, the Leaf can cover about 84 miles on a single charge but now, it can achieve 107 miles. While the upgrade might look small, it is still impressive as the Leaf has gone beyond the 100 miles driving range.

The unfortunate thing is that those are the only upgrades with the new Leaf. Nissan has failed to give the exterior styling some updates. The interior of the EV car also looks old and this will make the Leaf less desirable.

After all, rival EV cars are already moving forward on every angle from electric range to special features with their respective cars. Nissan should know better that a range-extender won’t be enough to impress the consumers.