2016 Toyota Mirai Will Be Followed With More Affordable Variant

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The Toyota Mirai is a revolutionary vehicle for both Toyota and the automotive industry. This is because it is one of the few FCEV cars that is showing potential to change the landscape of our roads.

Of course, FCEV cars are not cheap to own at present time and the Mirai is no exception to that. The Mirai retails at $66,500 and it is possibly the most expansive car from Toyota. However, after deducting the rebates and incentives, the Mirai can go as low as $46,000.

Today, Toyota spoke to a Japanese magazine about the future of the Mirai. The Japanese carmaker claims that they are interested to further expand the Mirai family and they intend to produce a more affordable variant.

Tentatively known as the Mirai C, the car is projected to have an MSRP of $35,000 and it is tipped to arrive somewhere in 2019. The details on the Mirai C are scare at the moment and it is far too early to speculate on what the vehicle will have to offer.