2016 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Ford Escape: What’s Your Pick?

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If you are having trouble deciding between the Toyota RAV4 and the all-new Ford Escape, we have some good news for you. Today, we will be comparing the technical aspects of both car and see which we prefer. This should also be able to aid you in making a decision.

The Ford Escape Titanium 4WD retails at $30,850 and it runs on a 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that can generate up to 179hp and 177ft-lbs of torque. The vehicle can also return up to 28mpg in fuel economy.

As for the Toyota RAV4, on the other hand, runs on a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that can generate 176hp and 172ft-lbs of torque. The RAV4 can return up to 29mpg in fuel economy.

Judging from the above, it looks like the Escape had more power to offer but it is second best in fuel economy. The Escape is more versatile than the RAV4 as it can do off-roading and it also have a nicer cabin design. With the Escape being about $2,000 cheaper than the RAV4, we would choose the vehicle over the one from Toyota. What’s your pick?