2017 Acura MDX Hybrid Aims For Volvo XC90 Appeal

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If you’re looking for a promising substitute to the award-winning Volvo XC90, you’d probably want to consider the Acura MDX. If you’ve got your eye on the XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid, perhaps you might want to keep the all-new Acura MDX Sport Hybrid in mind as the more affordable backup plan in case of budget issues.

Whereas the XC90 T8 asks for close to $70,000, an MDX Sport Hybrid decked out with the Advance Package costs only about $58,000. If you’re looking to save more, you could opt for the Technology Package and it would set you back only $52,000.

But of course there are trade-offs for picking Acura over Volvo. The hybridized MDX that’s rated at 321hp and 289lb-ft torque is over 10 percent more potent than its non-hybrid variant, but is still far tamer than the XC90 T8 at 400hp and 470lb-ft torque.

The one advantage of the three-row Acura SUV over its Swedish equivalent is fuel economy. According to the EPA, the MDX Sport Hybrid is good for 27mpg combined, while the XC90 T8 is worth an average 25mpg.

However, based on real-world testing by the good folks at Motor Trend, the plug-in XC90 is able to wring out 27.3mpg combined. Perhaps the MDX Sport Hybrid could achieve a higher figure as well?