2017 Acura NSX: Negative Sentiments Blamed On Honda!

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A simple quick search of Acura NSX in forums will land you in various automotive pages that are loaded with negative comments made towards the car. The vast majority of couch enthusiasts have never been kind towards to new NSX as they complaint about every little things about the car.

After getting a tour of the NSX last weekend, all we can say is that the criticism aimed at the vehicle is truly unfair but Honda still deserves to get blamed for it. This is because Honda took too long to launch the Acura NSX thus preventing the car from becoming a segment changer instead of just being another face in the crowd.

Because of the delays and the constant hyping on the new NSX, fans expectations went overboard hence they are not happy with what they have witnessed with the vehicle.

Personally, we have nothing against the NSX aside from the Civic-sourced infotainment system. The car has proved its worth at various tracks and it deserves to be credited for it. The negativity wouldn’t have happened if the NSX made its debut a couple of years earlier.