2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Even Dodge Viper Sells More

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Things are looking bright for Alfa Romeo as the Giulia managed to accumulate twice more sales than the 4C in its first month in the US.

In detail, the 52 Giulia were sold in December and this is way more than what the 4C has achieved in the past two months. But then again, 52 is far too small of a number for a highly rated performance car.

Being new, fresh and powerful, we are expecting Giulia to hit at least 4 digits in its debut month but that did not happen at all. To make things look more worrying, the Giulia fell behind the Dodge Viper on the sales front.

It is a shocker because the Viper is more expansive to own and it is also an aging car. Perhaps, it is best to overlook the negatives and focus on the positives on the Giulia. If sales is to continue growing for the Italian sports sedan, we can expect more commitment from Alfa Romeo in the US.