2017 Audi A4 Paralyzed In-Wake Of Inaccurate Fuel Economy Figures

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It is more green horror for the Volkswagen Group after Audi has forced as stop-sale order for the all-new A4, A5, S4 and S5. The stop-sale order is applicable only in Germany and Audi made the move without publically announcing it.

The word on the stop-sale came out after an individual realized that the A4, A5, S4 and S5 are no longer available on Audi’s German website. When questioned, Audi responded that they have ceased sales of their premium sedans due to inaccurate fuel economy figures.

Audi added that the A4 consumes 0.2L/100km more petrol than what is indicated on official papers. Hence, to avoid further problems with the law, Audi has sent the A4, A4, S4 and S5 to German officials for approval to revise the fuel consumption figures.

It is a long process and one that can stretch to 2 months. The incident will surely affect Audi’s momentum on the sales front and rival makes will definitely look to take advantage of it.