2017 Audi SQ7: Bird’s Eye View Of The “Perfect SUV”

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Diesels may not be a popular choice here in the US but that didn’t stop Audi from equipping the SQ7 with a powerful diesel mill.

The SQ7 relies on a 4L V8 twin-turbo engine that is tuned for an insane performance all-while returning great gas mileage. In figures, the 8-pot mill can develop about 429hp and 664ft-lbs of torque. This is pretty powerful despite diesels having a slow burning characteristic.

What surprised us more is that the SQ7 can handle like an ordinary sports car. Being a large SUV, the SQ7 is expected to offer a lot of body rolls on the twisty roads but the opposite happened. The SQ7 can actually take on sharp bends at speed thus putting it in the same league as the SUVs from Porsche.

So how good is the SQ7 when performing on a twisty road? You don’t have to be purchase the vehicle to find out as you can get a rough idea about it through watching a POV clip of the SQ7 doing just that below. Are you convinced?