2017 Audi TT RS vs Ford Focus RS vs Mercedes-AMG A45: Is This Even A Contest? [Video]

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Auto fans are very familiar with the Audi TT and this is not surprising as the sports car has served the masses for more than 20 years already. But despite having a strong history in the market, only a small handful of sports fans will pick the TT over other sports vehicles.

This cannot be helped as the TT lacks coverage and it is viewed as a vehicle that is on its own special segment. Unlike other compact luxury performance vehicles, the TT runs on a 5-cylinder engine which makes it both unique and special. So where’s the competition?

Well, some would say that the all-new TT RS should compete in the compact luxury sports segment due to the size of the vehicle. This means that the TT RS should be competing with the Ford Focus RS and the Mercedes-AMG A45. If so, which of the three is the best in the performance department?

We can finally find out for sure as a race has been organized involving the TT RS, Focus RS and A45 AMG. We won’t be spoiling the result for you and prefer it if you catch the clip of the race embedded below.