2017 Audi TT RS vs Ford Focus RS vs Mercedes-AMG A45: Track-Blazing Battle [Video]

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If you have to choose between the Audi TT RS, Ford Focus RS and the Mercedes-AMG A45 based purely on speed, which would you pick?

This is a tough decision to make as all three cars are great in their own respective ways. Furthermore, all three vehicles are very different from each other and the only similarity is with the fact that they can all perform very well on the track.

The Ford Focus RS has got 350hp to offer from a 2.3L turbocharged engine whereas the Audi TT RS can churn out 400hp from the turbo-5 engine it runs on. The Mercedes-AMG A45, on the other hand, can develop up to 380hp.

Hence our question, which of them is fastest? Well, we can now tell for sure as the three cars were spotted competing on the track yesterday and you can check out the result below.