2017 Buick Regal Could Replicate Insignia Sports Tourer

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Both Buick and Opel have been active when it comes to sharing ideas and products. The next Buick Regal is tipped to imitate what is offered with the latest Opel Insignia and this strongly hints on a wagon variant getting produced.

The thing is that the popularity of wagon is not great here in the US. Having the Regal offered with a wagon body style will definitely excite the wagon purist but will it be able to attract the average consumer?

Buick might just be brave enough and try to find this out through producing the Regal Wagon. This is very likely to happen after Buick was spotted filing two trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark office. The first trademark is for ‘Tourx’ while the second trademark is for the ‘Regal Tourx’.

Buick has yet to share anything regarding the trademarks but their respective name tells a lot about Buick’s plans in the near future. If the next Regal is offered with a wagon variant, will it do well?