2017 Chevrolet Bolt Losing More Ground Against Nissan Leaf

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The Chevrolet Bolt EV is easily one of the best EV cars money can buy today hence we are shocked to see the car still struggling to keep up with the age-old Leaf on the monthly sales figures.

The Bolt made its debut back in December last year and it was on that same month where the Leaf recorded its best sales yet. The Bolt bounced back in January but it went through a slide in February, all the way until March last month.

Today, the Q1 sales figures have been released and it saw the Bolt only recording 3,092 units sold. When compared to a seven year old car that is the Leaf, the Bolt is about 200 units behind.

It is an unexpected outcome, especially when knowing that the Bolt can offer 238 miles in EV driving range. With the next-gen Leaf poised to come out later this year, the Bolt is at huge risk of closing shop very early on.