2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Success From Losing A Lot

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What is more important for GM – financial gains or sales figures? We raised this question because it looks today like GM is more interested on achieving greater sales rather than making profits out of the vehicles sold.

No, GM is not selling their cars for a dollar silly. The auto firm is reportedly absorbing $9,000 in losses for every Chevrolet Bolt EV sold. The all-new EV car retails from $37,500 and this is already under-priced in GM’s eyes.

But then again, it is a bitter business strategy which GM needs to practice as they are required to have 14% green cars to meet the auto regulations in California. In addition to that, GM will be hoping to start turning the Bolt EV into profits through selling after-sales services with the EV car.

We don’t know about you but the Bolt EV sounds like the electric market is shaping to be like the smartphone market. Carriers have been selling smartphones for a loss but they manage to turn the reds into greens with network plans and the same strategy looks like it is being applied on the Bolt EV.