2017 Chevrolet Camaro: Can’t Run From Mustang’s Mistakes?

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Sometimes it’s worthwhile to follow in your rival’s footsteps in order to remain relevant in the market, and sometimes it’s just a bad move. This applies to the Chevy Camaro as it hopes to establish a stronger presence in the global market to keep up with the Ford Mustang.

Among the most prominent markets that the Detroit pony has jumped into is China, where the Mustang was the best-selling sports car last year. Chevy is doing so with an interesting Camaro RS that won’t available in the US (thankfully).

But the catch is that the vehicle is going to be priced obscenely high in the oriental mainland, specifically at RMB399,000 which converts to roughly $58,000. And this Camaro RS isn’t equivalent to the Camaro SS, it’s only as good as the entry-level model sold at home.

This is undoubtedly wasting the Camaro’s potential, though the Chinese may not be aware of that given that the Ford Mustang starts at around $59,000 over there. If it can be a top-selling sports car in that market with such a steep price, Chevy shouldn’t be too worried about the Camaro right?

Well, it seems that there’s a reason why pony cars would be a lot more expensive in China, and the reason is that higher displacement engines have to deal with much higher tax rates. Hence, it may appear that Chevrolet is making a big mistake just like Ford, there’s actually nothing the automaker could do about this pricing predicament if it intends to penetrate the world’s biggest market.