2017 Chevrolet Camaro Taking A Page Off Ford Mustang’s Playbook

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Both the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang can’t be at peace with each other, and this is due to their long-standing rivalry in the performance market. Even so, we have seen some occasions where one car turns into a benchmark for the other to follow.

This happened again earlier today when Chevrolet launched the Camaro RS over in China. It is the first time for the Camaro to appear in the Far East nation hence Chevrolet is playing it safe by taking a page off the Ford Mustang’s playbook.

Like how it is with the Mustang, Chevrolet will be selling the Camaro RS at around RMB399,000. This translates to $58,000, which goes to say that the Camaro RS is about $1,000 cheaper than the Mustang in China.

On the downside of things however, the Camaro RS is overpriced if you realize that the specs are equivalent to a base Camaro here in the US. The same can be said for the Mustang but at least Ford is offering a V8 option with the vehicle.