2017 Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang: New Market Rivalry!

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Far away from here in China, Ford is enjoying great success with the Mustang. The pony car is very well received in the Far East nation and Ford cannot be any more pleased with the result.

Well, GM too aspires to enjoy the same success and they believe that the best way is through offering the Chevrolet Camaro RS. The China-exclusive tuned Camaro is built as a sports coupe without any option for a convertible. The Camaro RS also relies on a 2L turbo-4 engine that is paired to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Everything sounds okay until we learned that GM is demanding RMB399,900 for the car. If you are wondering how much that is, the price is equivalent to $58,000 and this is not far from the calling price for the range-topping Camaro ZL1 here in the US. What gives?

Well, to know for sure, we really need to understand China’s auto pricing policy because Ford is also selling the Mustang from $58,000. The only difference here is that the Mustang is also offered together with a V8 option whereas the Camaro is offered only with a 4-pot mill.