2017 Chevrolet Colorado vs Honda Ridgeline: Chevy Gets The Last Laugh!

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About a year ago, Honda blatantly mocked GM’s “real people not actors” marketing technique by showing to the world that they can do better with the Ridgeline.

In short, Honda performed the raining concrete stunt on the Ridgeline before implying the pickup truck to be stronger than the Chevrolet Silverado based on GM’s promotion theory. The stunt went viral and it certainly turned GM into a laughing stock but the last laugh still belongs to them.

Despite the marketing criticism, the Chevrolet Colorado is still a top selling midsized pickup truck here in the US whereas the all-new Honda Ridgeline is struggling to even survive. Over the past few months, the Ridgeline has been at the bottom of the sales charts.

For January last month, the Ridgeline showed some signs of recovery when it acquired 2,681 new buyers but this make it only slightly better than the GMC Canyon. The Colorado is far ahead with 6,413 units sold. Things are not looking so well for the Ridgeline and it gives Chevrolet the rights to laugh last.