2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2: Did GM Say Hummer?

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Remember the off-road luxury brand called Hummer? What if we told you that the ghost of Hummer is partly the reason why the all-new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, will that blow your mind?

We raised these questions because Hummer did indeed have its hand in the development of the Colorado ZR2. The carmaker may have been killed off by GM in 2009 but its team of engineers were called upon to work together with the developers of the Colorado to produce an insane ZR2.

This was revealed in a recent interview with Todd Hubbard, a former engineer at Hummer when he shared that the team which developed the Hummer passed their knowledge to the boys at the Colorado department.

Todd explained that the insane power figures on the Colorado ZR2 is never made for speed but for being the perfect all-terrain vehicle – much like a Hummer was. It sets the direction right for the pickup truck and this is already working out well thanks to the widely positive public reaction.

Even with Hummer dead, it is amazing to see the former engineers working together on a different project from GM. It further shows that GM has got the biggest resources when it comes to developing vehicles.