2017 Chevrolet Cruze: All Hopes Lost!

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About 14 months ago, Chevrolet launched the all-new generation Cruze but despite being fresh and new, the car is unable to make a big impact in the compact sedan market. Sales of the Cruze may have picked up in recent months but the pace is too slow when compared to rival vehicles.

Take the Honda Civic for example. The compact sedan from Honda is equipped with an exciting new engine with plenty of ponies to offer. The best part about it is that the new Civic is priced very similarly to its predecessor.

There is no need to question the attractiveness of the Civic as the car has already made its mark on the sales front. Ever since it debuted, the tenth generation Civic has topped the sales charts consistently whereas the Cruze remains at the bottom of the charts.

It is obvious that an upgrade is needed to make the Cruze more attractive in the market. Chevrolet has already played their cards right with the Cruze Hatchback but the performance of the car needs severe improvement if it wants to become the best in the compact league.