2017 Chevrolet Silverado Flushes Marketing Investment Down The Drain!

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How much have GM splurged on promoting the Chevrolet Silverado? The company has certainly spent a lot to get the best air time on the television network and also to prove that the Silverado is the best through brutally comparing it with real-life rivals.

Well, despite having spent too much on promoting the Silverado, the pickup truck is still pending to make any huge achievements in the market, especially when compared to the competition.

We say this because the Silverado ended up as a laughing stock at the annual Texas Auto Writers Association. The prestigious event saw hundreds of auto enthusiasts, experts and journalists carefully selecting the best pickup truck and they all chose the Ford F-150.

To make things worse for Chevrolet, the company didn’t bag a single award at the event whereas Ford gathered 5 trophies from a total of 23 categories. If that is not sad, then we should point out that the Silverado sat below the RAM 1500 in sales for the month of September.

It should be high time for GM to make changes to their strategy because the Silverado is starting to look like a real joke in the pickup truck market.