2017 Chevrolet Silverado: Total Failure Against Rivals

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Watching GM competing in the automotive industry is like watching Comedy Central. Everything GM do is just comical and downright hilarious. Don’t get us wrong. Some vehicles that are produced by GM are really good but they are still not enough to gain dominance on the market.

This is evident with the Chevrolet Silverado. GM has gone from end to end just so they can convince the consumers that the Silverado is a lot better than the Ford F-150. Despite their bizarre way of marketing the Silverado, the pickup truck is still second best to the aluminium-built F-150.

The F-150 killed the competition on the sales front and it also received countless awards for it. The recent Texas Auto Writers Association has named the F-150 as the Truck of Texas for 2016. Heck, the F-Series picked up 4 other awards from the event out of the 23 categories.

As for Chevrolet, they failed to pick up even a single award. This is something which GM should worry about as their cockiness manner of marketing the Silverado is not serving them well. If this persists, GM will continue becoming the Comedy Central of the automotive industry.