2017 Chevrolet Volt Brushes Off Prius Prime Success

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The Chevrolet Volt’s position as America’s number one PHEV car was being threatened by the new Toyota Prius Prime but this is actually not the case at all. The Prius Prime may be the overall better car but it never managed to hurt the Chevrolet Volt on the sales front.

In detail, the Volt somehow was able to achieve its best sales month last month when it saw 3,691 buyers picking up the car. This is about 1,000 units more than the month of November and about 2,800 units more than the December of 2015.

The biggest of them all is that the Volt did so when the Prius Prime is already out and flying high in the market. The Prius Prime recorded big growth in the second month with 1,641 units sold.

At this rate, it will be harder to tell on if the Prius Prime is truly able to kill the Volt. It will have to wait until the Prius Prime matures in the market and that will take about a year or so.