2017 Chrysler 300: One Software Update Creates Sales Surge

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles have hit a new low on the sales front and the same can be said for rival GM and Ford. However, FCA can be proud of certain models that have experienced a sharp incline on the sales front.

One of them is the Chrysler 300, a premium sedan that experienced a surge in sales for the month of July 2017. July saw Chrysler moving 3,090 units of the 300 and this translates to an incline of 31% from July of last year.

Chrysler remarked that they knew the 300 will come around good, especially after launching a software update that address most of the issues with the car. True enough, the software update greatly improved on the experience with the 300 and it also got Consumer Reports to recommend the vehicle.

With 3,090 units in the bags, the Chrysler 300 is stepping into Mercedes-Benz and BMW territory. Now, all that is left to do is for Chrysler to keep the 300 attractive so that they can keep the incline alive for the coming months.