2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: Cheaper Than Regular Model

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Normally, hybrid trims are more expansive than a standard model and this is due to the production cost of the hybrid powertrain. But in the Chrysler Pacifica’s case, it seems likely for the hybrid trim to be cheaper than the outgoing model.

We say this because the Pacifica Hybrid is equipped with a 16kWh battery. This basically means that consumers will be able to apply for the $7,500 federal tax credit. So if you are to slash off $7,500 from the Pacifica Hybrid’s price tag, you may get a figure that is smaller than the base model Pacifica.

The only question left is how much will the Pacifica Hybrid retail from? Chrysler has already released the pricing for the ordinary Pacifica but not the hybrid model. The base Pacifica retails from $28,595 whereas the range-topping Limited trim is priced at $42,495.

If the hybrid trim is to cost more than the range-topping model, then the Pacifica Hybrid will be extremely expansive to own. If the pricing figures for the Pacifica Hybrid are slotted in between the mid-trims, then the price for the minivan will be a lot cheaper after the rebates.