2017 Chrysler Pacifica Officially Starts Chasing Papers

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The all-new generation Chrysler Pacifica was launched last year and it was met by positive response from the consumers. This cannot be helped as the Pacifica is regarded highly for its design and performance, despite being made a minivan.

While sales of the Pacifica has been making consistent progress on the monthly basis, the figures have yet to fully take off due to the absence of one particular trim – hybrid. The Pacifica Hybrid was supposed to debut together with the ordinary Pacifica but countless delays left many who ordered the vehicle in an endless wait.

Today, the wait officially reaches an end after the Chrysler started delivering the first batch of Pacifica Hybrid without prior notice. The first batch will be arriving at the dealers by Monday next week but it is unclear on how many units are involved in the delivery.

The good news is that Chrysler will be throwing in some extra freebies as a token of apology for the long delay. Consumers that purchase the Pacifica can either opt for a Visa gift card worth $500 or a 240-volt Level 2 charger.

For us, we are more interested to see how the Pacifica Hybrid’s arrival can affect sales of the vehicle in the minivan segment.