2017 Dodge Viper Officially Bids Farewell With Tribute Video

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Dodge has confirmed late last year that the iconic Viper will be retired in 2017 this year. This means that there will be no new Viper produced, at least until Dodge decides to pen down on a new generation model.

Fast forward to a month ago, it was reported that the last batch of Vipers produced has been purchased by a dealer situated in California. With the Viper waving goodbye at a rapid pace, several companies have started giving the vehicle a final salute.

The latest came from Pennzoil when the firm released a farewell video for the Viper in full style. Pennzoil developed a cinematic clip that saw the last Viper getting stolen before being recovered by an anonymous hero.

If you have yet to catch it, the farewell video is embedded below for your viewing. All we can say is that this is a superb farewell clip made for a car and it is worth viewing.