2017 Dodge Viper: Sales Improvement Can’t Prevent Eternal Doom

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Hate it or love it, the Dodge Viper is in the automotive history books for being the most iconic American car around. Well, despite having a strong history in the industry, the Viper is about to face the axe and this is due to financial reasons.

Some would question this decision because recent months have seen the Viper experiencing a sales rebound. However, this is not enough to save the Viper from eternal doom.

Many years have seen the Viper sitting at the bottom pile of the sales charts and the spike in recent months is because of consumers wanting to own the last Viper around. Besides, keeping the Viper won’t serve Dodge well as they need to work on meeting stricter emission regulations.

The Viper’s exit in the market is closely followed by the closure of the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant. A total of 87 employees are being offered a relocation if they wish to avoid immediate termination.