2017 Ferrari California T Will Match Gentle Exterior With Hardcore Performance

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The Ferrari California T is easily one of the best looking vehicles in our books and it is also powerful too. For Ferrari, this is not enough and they wish to inject in more power with the sleek-looking roadster.

Ferrari revealed earlier today that the next-gen California T, which is due to arrive later this year, will be made with more aluminium parts so that it will become better optimized for power. The lighter framework will complement the new 3.9L V8 engine which the California T will run on.

As for the styling of the car, Ferrari aims to make the California T more aggressive but still familiar at the same time. Ferrari personally quoted the next-gen styling to be “aggressive, extroverted and more radical”.

For us, we can’t wait to learn more about the California T, especially on the performance of the car. More details on the next-gen California T are expected to surface at the next Geneva Motor Show.