2017 Ford Escape: Old Feature Makes A Return

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Ford had just released a new package for the latest Escape and it is called the Cold Weather package. With it, the Escape will be equipped with tons of features that will allow it to survive the cold environment.

One of the features is a windshield heater which will keep the crossover’s windshield heated even when the engine is turned off. This will prevent and frost marks from occurring on the windshield and it can be very convenient during the cold winter.

With the windshield heater, Escape owners no longer have to pull their wipers off to prevent them from freezing on the glass. Of course, such a feature is not exactly new in this industry but it is still a welcome addition on the Ford Escape.

Other features on the Cold Weather package include all weather floor mats, side mirrors, heated seats and supplemental powertrain conditioning heater.