2017 Ford Escape Turning Into The Perfect Winter SUV?

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The Ford Escape is a great SUV to own but it is not exactly the complete product. For those living in the cold terrain, the Escape won’t make a good choice as it lacks the basic tools to operate conveniently, especially during winter.

Thankfully, Ford is aware of this and they have decided to release a new add-on package for the Escape and it is called the Cold Weather Pack. The package comes with a windshield heater which will keep the crossover’s windshield heated even when the engine is turned off. This will prevent and frost marks from occurring on the windshield.

Other features on the Cold Weather package include all weather floor mats, side mirrors, heated seats and supplemental powertrain conditioning heater.

Sure, the features might not sound like something new in the automotive industry but it is still a welcome addition for the Ford Escape. With it, you won’t have to worry about winter season again.