2017 Ford F-150: Making It Worse For Silverado

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The latest Ford F-150 is about to take its rivalry with the Chevrolet Silverado to a whole new level and this was confirmed earlier today when Ford revealed that the F-150 is being planned for China.

The news surprised us because it was only a month ago when Chevrolet showed their desire to turn the Silverado in the bestselling pickup truck in China. With the Silverado not selling as good as the F-150 here in the US, the pickup truck has been looking for better prospects overseas.

Well, it is not going to go smoothly for Chevrolet with Ford tailing the Silverado around with the F-150. Analysts are already calling the Silverado China’s attempt as a failure due to its poor sales prospects as compared to the F-150.

In China, Ford is well recognized by the public and this is thanks to their bestselling flagship, the Mustang. The F-150 will be able to use that in a bid to capture large sales.

The Silverado, on the other hand, will have lots of mountain to climb if they wish to convince the locals into getting the pickup truck