2017 Ford Fiesta ST200: Numbers Confusion Explained

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Yesterday, Ford confirmed on the development on the Fiesta ST200. Unlike the ordinary Fiesta ST, the ST200 will come out with more power and torque to offer. The car will run on the same 1.6L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine but it can develop up to 212hp and 236ft-lbs of torque with OverBoost.

For some, this might sound like a very minor upgrade since the existing Fiesta ST is a hair behind in numbers. Well, this is because you are viewing it from a different angle. The Fiesta ST200 is developed for the European market where the Fiesta ST is not as powerful as the ones in the US. With the ST200, Ford will be able to put the European hatch on the same plane as the one on the US.

Of course, the ST200 will be able to brag an additional 12ft-lbs of torque more than the US-spec Fiesta ST. Then again, the US variant will be getting four doors with the hatchback since as the Fiesta ST200 will come out with only 2-doors.