2017 Ford Fiesta Will Join The RS Family

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We know that Ford is planning to release 12 performance model before 2020 and it looks like one of them could be the Ford Fiesta RS. There has long been speculation that there will be an RS version of the Fiesta.

According to Autobild, the new Ford Fiesta RS will be released as a 2017 model in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Ford Fiesta. It is believed that the Ford Fiesta RS will be coming in with a 250hp engine to top the 197hp that the Ford Fiesta ST is offering right now.

It is believed that the missing performance all-wheel-drive system from Ford Focus RS will mean that he Fiesta RS will be coming in with a smaller price tag.

Ford have not confirmed anything yet and we will be taking this news with a pinch of salt for now just because Ford did say that the ST will be the fastest Fiesta they will be offering which obviously will not be the case with the release of the 250hp Ford Fiesta RS.